Our CCPP is not so much a policy, but a competitive package of automatic yet flexible coverages. General Liability is at the core of the CPP, and can be packaged with Property, Inland Marine and/or Crime. When the package consists of General Liability and Property, the following features are included:

  • Business Income and Extra Expense Coverage
  • Personal Property at Other Locations
  • Installation Coverage
  • Automatic Coverage for most commonly requested additional insureds
  • Contractors Tools
  • Owned and Borrowed Equipment
  • Computer Equipment (including laptops)
  • Pollution Clean-Up
  • Lock Replacement
  • Money and Securities
  • Unscheduled Buildings

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General Liability coverage protects your business assets from claims for which you are found legally liable. Available separately or as the core of a Commercial Contractor Package Policy (CCPP), General Liability coverage includes bodily injury, property damage, advertising and personal injury liability, and offers automatic coverage for the most commonly requested additional insureds. Other coverages include premises/operations liability, products/completed operations liability (covering independent contractors and contractual liability), employee benefits liability coverage and coverage for property in your care, custody and control. In the event of a claim, General Liability also provides defense costs for the insured business.

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Commercial General Liability Trade Contractors Program is designed for both residential and commercial trade contractors. The trade contractors program features a composite rate and an enhancement endorsement. Some key features of the enhancement endorsement include:

  • Waiver of Transfer of Rights of Recovery Against Others
  • Additional Insured Added on a Primary and Non-Contributory Basis
  • Aggregate Limits per Project
  • Medical Payments
  • Voluntary Property Damage
  • Off Premises Care, Custody or Control
  • Newly Formed or Acquired Organizations
  • Watercraft Coverage Enhancement

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Property coverage is a far-reaching policy essential to any builder. Coverage includes buildings or structures (such as offices, storage buildings, and other structures used by the business), business personal property (including furniture, equipment and other property on the premises) and property of others in your control. The policy also includes additional coverages for debris removal, preservation of property, fire department service charges and pollution clean-up and removal. Optional coverages like replacement cost, agreed value and inflation guard are also available. Property coverage can be further enhanced when included as part of a CCPP.

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An Inland Marine policy provides coverages suited to the more individualized needs of certain builders. It covers the contractors for loss of tools, machinery and equipment, fine arts, signs, scheduled property, accounts receivable and valuable papers and records. Also available is electronic data processing coverage, including extra expense and loss of income coverage. This enhances your computer coverage by extending the policy to the information contained within, rather than just covering the unit itself. A specific policy for specific needs, an Inland Marine can be written separately or as part of a CPP.

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Marsh Pointe's crime policies are  designed to provide some of the most extensive coverage available, including employee dishonesty, forgery and alteration, robbery and burglary. Crime insurance covers three types of property related to running your business: money (currency, checks, bank notes and money orders); securities (negotiable instruments and contracts representing money or other property); and other tangible property with intrinsic value. Crime coverage can be written separately or as part of a CPP.

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A Commercial  Auto policy provides complete coverage for a variety of business-related vehicles, such as pick-up trucks, vans, dump trucks, box trucks and trailers. Designed for complete protection in conjunction with other business property coverage. Coverages including liability, physical damage, medical payment and uninsured motorists are available for most owned, non-owned, hired, temporary, substitute and newly acquired autos whether trucks or private passenger vehicles.

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Builders Risk provides flexible, comprehensive coverage during the course of construction. Coverage includes property, scaffolding and temporary structures, theft of materials, and can include profit. Marsh Pointe offers coverage that extends beyond the dwelling or structure, such as debris removal, pollution clean-up and removal, and fences, trees and outdoor property.

Coverage is also available for remodelers, unsold dwellings and model homes. There are five options for your Builders Risk Policy:

  • One-Shot Builders Risk is appropriate for builders who desire one policy per location.
  • Monthly Reporting/Monthly Rate Builders Risk is appropriate for the builder with multiple locations whose average project completion is four months or less.
  • Monthly Reporting/Annual Rate is appropriate for the builder with multiple locations whose average completion is greater than four months.
  • Blanket Policy Builders Risk is appropriate for the large builder needing up to $1 million in coverage per location.
  • Custom Series Builders Risk is appropriate for the builder who generates more than $30,000 in builders risk premium and needs custom coverage such as higher occurrence limits.

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Umbrella Liability coverage is available to provide additional protection for your liability exposures and is available for Commercial General Liability, Employers Liability and Automobile Liability.

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Trust your coverage to Marsh Point. We have the tools and the carriers to provide for all your insurance needs.