A standard home or auto policy may not be adequate coverage to protect your assets.  Willis Personal Insurance offers additional coverages to close those gaps and give you peace of mind.  In addition to home and auto, we specialize in coverage placement for:

  • Valuable Articles

    – Provides additional coverage beyond a standard homeowner’s policy, to cover the value of goods, such as: fine art, antiques, jewelry, silver, coins, antiques, furs, and other collectibles.
  • Recreational Vehicles

    – Motor home policies cover more than what car insurance covers, primarily because owners keep more personal items inside the vehicle as well as cooking facilities, refrigeration and bathrooms.
  • Private Aircraft

    – A specialized policy for single or twin engine aircrafts is available.  Premium will vary based upon number of insurance, and experience of the pilot.
  • Watercrafts, Boats and Yachts

    – Specialized coverage protects when another person is injured, another’s property is damaged, legal expenses when you let someone else use your craft, medical payments for injuries sustained by you and passengers.
  • Domestic Worker’s Compensation

    – Each state has their own laws that outline when a worker’s compensation policy is required.  Requirements encompass not only wage, but also the number of hours the employee works during certain time periods.
  • Personal Excess Liability

    – Although a basic policy includes liability, sometimes an additional level of liability protection beyond the coverage offered by the basic insurance policy is required.
  • Identity Theft

    – Coverage provides for expenses incurred as the result of an identity theft.  It can also include assistance in replacing documents such as driver’s license, passport, and Social Security Card.  The coverage limit varies by insurance carrier.
  • Farms, Ranches and Country Estates

    – These risks are no ordinary risk that a basic homeowners policy will adequately insure.  These unique policies also include coverage for bloodstock/horses and livestock.
  • Flood/Excess Flood

    – Some homes owners currently reside in a flood zone making a Flood policy a mortgage requirement. When a standard Flood policy is not enough, additional Flood coverage can be purchased for a competitive premium.
  • Excess Liability

    – An additional coverage when the limits of insurance on an underlying policy (i.e. auto or home) are exceeded.
  • Earthquake

    – A form of property insurance that pays the policyholder in the event of an earthquake that causes damage to the property.
  • Motorcycle

    – Since motorcycles are not classified as an automobile, a separate policy is needed.  These policies can also be customized to increase coverage to include custom parts and equipment.
  • Classic Car

    – A special policy for cars that are over 20 years old and rarely driven.  The policy is customized to the unique needs of collector vehicle owners and offers better coverage than a standard auto policy.
  • Personal Umbrella

    – Is additional insurance that covers you when your home, auto, or other insurance policy is exhausted.
  • Kidnap and Ransom

    – Is designed to provide coverage in the event of kidnapping. This policy can include monies paid to the kidnappers or extortionist as well as other expenses incurred as a result of a kidnapping.